Our Services, Packing and Moving

We are pleased to offer the following services: Professional Packing and Moving of household and commercial goods by skilled packing crew within India, to any destination point in the india on door to door.

Packing Services
Being an originator in ACI International Packers & Movers India bestows speedy, consistent and specialized packaging and moving services with a wide network across some of the major cities in India. Our aim is to provide quality packaging and professional moving services at reliable and affordable rates. We at Aci Packers & Movers put customer’s satisfaction on first priority, directing all our experience and skills in acquiring a positive feedback from our client network throughout India. Team of proficient and trained professionals at is specialized in taking care of all the belongings, commercial as well as personal. Over the years we have expertise in satisfying our client database ranging from one city to another in terms of relocation.

Loading & Unloading Services
The goods are vigilantly placed in vehicles while packing and moving to stay them away from any harm. Our loading comprises safe heaping of packed cargo into the vehicle with the help of slides. This is done to defend the items against any damage and dents. Handling the consignment for relocation in India is not that easy, but we have made all such tasks look easy with our experience and expertise. Unloading services are also a challenge for us, and we finish them in a most efficient way. For good and best possible results, we even use the best possible tools and technologies. we use while unloading your items while packing and moving in India.

Car Transportation Services
We offer the most reliable and efficient car carrier service. We handle the car with utmost care so that it is free of any scar. Safety is our first priority while relocating your car from one place to another. We are proud to have specially designed trailers and trucks to guarantee a safe-and-sound transportation of your cars. We take the help of our various car trailers so that we can transport your cars all over India on a door-to-door basis.

Insurance Services
Insurance is must in order to manage the contingencies. To make up losses during transition ACI International Packers & Movers cover your goods under comprehensive insurance. We also help you in all the paper work related to insurance. Any type of accident or natural mishap can be harmful for goods during relocation. This is one of the main reasons why everyone wants insurance. We have tie ups with several Insurance Companies to provide best value for money incase of any mishappening. Moreover, assistance is also offered to the clients in the valuation of their goods. With the help of our insurance options, we shield and secure goods and other items for a single item damage or loss. Once there is insurance service in place, our clients feel comfort and confidence after knowing that their goods are safe, secure and insured for packing and moving in India.

Relocation Services
ACI International Packers & Movers is the premier packers and movers of the country and we attempt to provide quality packaging and relocation services to all our clients. We follow the motto of 'customer satisfaction, our achievement' therefore all our efforts are directed towards attaining positive feedback from our clients through our work. Our clients can remain assured about the safety of their belongings. Our packaging centre has well qualified staffs who excel in packing your goods. We take every required precaution to ensure that the precious goods of our clients are not damaged in transportation process. Standard cartons, boxes and tapes are used for packaging. Goods are sealed properly before they are loaded.

Planning Your Move
Advance planning is essential for a stress free move. As soon as you call ACI Packers and Movers regarding your transfer to another place, a moving consultant will contact you and make an appointment to visit your home in order to evaluate your needs. Before this important appointment, go through your entire home, room by room. Don't forget the garden and storage areas. Identify exactly what you want to do with each item, such as ship it, sell it, store it, give it away or discard it.